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You have goals, a vision and a budget, we have the expertise to achieve them. Our project development involves all stakeholders in the planning from the very beginning, after which our solution development team offers a plan that suits your needs. You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel to create unique outcomes. Our standardized concept-based solutions are a way to make robust cost calculations, speed up implementation, and guarantee a functional end result.

Benefits for our customer

We are known as experts in demanding and high-quality commercial construction.

Our strengths are:

  • The ability to produce a realistic price estimate for a construction project quickly
  • Smooth and transparent construction flow
  • Cost-effective and high-quality end result
  • Solutions that save the environment and costs

Our services include

Project and solution development

We have the unique ability to provide a reliable price estimate for a project quickly. We develop projects in cooperation with the customer. The best results are achieved when the expectations and wishes of future users can be turned into reality with the help of workable solutions.

Transparent implementation

We have honed our construction process to be smooth and transparent to the customer. Smoother construction flow is the key to better cost-effectiveness, quality and productivity. We implement projects with the most suitable form of contract for the customer and the project.

Services for the life cycle of the property

In order for a property to retain its value and amenity, it needs the right kind of use, care and maintenance. As an expert in construction and building services, we know the properties we build as our own pockets. We have information that we are happy to pass on. We offer expert services aimed at the life cycle of the property together with our network of competent partners.

Our special expertise

Logistics centers and industry

We have solid experience in planning and construction of demanding and large-scale logistics center projects. With the help of our solution development, we help the customer to find the best among the various options.


Implemented logistics and industrial constuction projects


Parking facilities

Our long experience in planning and construction of parking facilities has provided us with standardized solutions that we can utilize in the planning  of new projects. Strong technical expertise and the use of a data model ensure a cost-effective and successful outcome.


Implemented parking facilites projects


Business premises

Business premises must be designed and built on the terms of future users in such a way that the premises support operations in the best possible way. It is the key to both user satisfaction and return on investment. Our user-driven project development helps to create spaces where users’ expectations and wishes can be turned into reality with functional solutions.


Implemented business premises projects

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Learning environments

We implement learning environments in various forms of contract according to the customer’s needs and wishes. With a careful process, smooth implementation and competent partners, we guarantee a high-quality and cost-effective end result. Learning environments should support learning, teaching and interaction. Safety, comfort and sustainability of facilities are in key position.


Implemented school and kindergarten projects

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More sustainable construction with the help of solution development

Climate change requires strong measures from the construction sector. At the same time, construction must also bear its financial responsibility. Fira’s unique approach to solution development is one response to this major challenge, serving both the climate and cost effectiveness.

Waste caused by overdesign and overdimensioning significantly increase the cost and carbon footprint of construction. For a long time, our solution development team has led the way in seeking means to reduce waste during the planning phase. With standardised and proven solutions, we have achieved CO2 reductions that in the best cases correspond to the total life cycle emissions of several apartment buildings.

Read more on our blog, how we save the environment and reduce costs with the help of our solution development.

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