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Value-adding renovation

The aim of modernisation is to take care of the buildings and increase their value. Fira’s professional and ambitious team is involved in projects, from the procurement process through implementation to lifecycle planning according to customer needs.

Old buildings are designed to meet the needs of their time and may not serve today’s needs and user expectations. Properly implemented, the modernisation of the building is a very cost-effective way to take care of the value of the property and the flexible use of the premises. We have a long history of carrying out modernisation contracts so that the peace of mind of the property’s users is maintained and the property’s income is secured as far into the future as possible.

At Fira, we feel great professional pride in being able to act as a reliable and user-friendly partner for the modernisation project from start to finish.

Fira’s modernisation in a nutshell

+ 200k

Square meters of modernized space

+ 20

Implemented project in the last 10 years


Average customer satisfaction

The way we work

We develop projects together

The modernisation of old buildings poses challenges to construction that make most people scratch their heads. Modernisation projects often involve scheduling problems because they are fast-paced, multifaceted, and meandering. Our answers to these challenges are a collaborative contract model and the development of projects in open cooperation. A service attitude, active cost control and close cooperation with stakeholders and partners enable success.

Constantly productive

We have a long experience in carrying out modernisation contracts so that the peace of mind of end users is not disturbed during projects. For example, work steps and logistics can be implemented with minimal disruption to building users. This will allow you to continue working on the building and move gradually to new premises

Transparent renewal

Our digital tools offer you not only faster execution, but also real-time cost tracking. The project, developed together, ensures a tight budget and schedule.

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