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Good residential construction connects
profitability and the needs of the resident

We have an understanding of what a home should look like. An apartment is good when it is good to live in and it meets the needs of the resident. But it is also important for the developer of a residential building that the construction project is profitable. In good housing construction, it is possible to combine both people-orientated approach and profitability.

In cooperation, we develop, design, and build an apartment building that meets the customer’s goals – both financial and qualitative. We favor open business models so that together we make sure that the goals of all parties are met. Smart construction serves everyone.

The best end result means profitable and cost-effective construction for the customer and comfortable housing for the end-user.

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Why choose Fira as a partner for your project?

When you implement your apartment building project with us, you will benefit in many ways:

By planning together with us, you will get a project plan that exactly meets your needs, budget and goals.

After the first draft plans, you will receive accurate and complete information on the cost and profitability of the contract based on our cost databases. It allows you to easily make an informed decision to start a project.

Fira’s apartment library allows you to explore and design alternatives and is fast.

With Fira’s apartment library – and the underlying technical solutions – exploring and designing alternatives is quick.

Our modular apartment library already contains more than 800 standard apartments, the feasibility and functionality of which have been thought out.

With the help of our aparmtent library, we can quickly make a sketch of an entire apartment building. With just a few hours of work, we can predict the cost of a project with an accuracy of a few percent.

You will get your capital to generate revenue 5-10 months faster than usual.

Splitting a contract often means a large number of different hidden costs and bottlenecks as the project progresses. The fastest construction flow and the best profitability are achieved through cooperation, where Fira is responsible for both development and implementation. That is why we always recommend a total liability contract in housing construction.

Project, proposal and general planning can be completed in about 2-4 months faster than usual. The time required for implementation planning, tendering and production preparation can be reduced by approximately 3-6 months.

For example, an 80-apartment project from idea to end-result can be implemented in about 19 months

  • Mass calculations for 1 week
  • Contract offer for 3 weeks
  • Permit planning – and process about 6 months
  • Construction about 12 months

The situational awarenss of the projects must be up to date

No one likes uncertainty about millions of euros in construction projects. Our offer is based on accurate data models, which is why we do not slip from our contracts. With our digital tools, we ensure that the entire project is transparent to our partner from start to finish.

The basis of a successful project is high-quality project management and proven operating models. Real-time snapshot supports Project Management. We lead our work by making extensive use of various systems and the information they produce. We compile information for managing operations from foreman to corporate management, which improves the flow and quality of construction.

Apartment library

Individual standardization made possible with modular housing design

Each home is unique, but fortunately, people’s housing needs and desires are much the same. In housing construction projects, it is possible to utilize the modular housing library developed by Fira, which is considerably faster than traditional sketch design and more accurate in terms of cost calculations. With the help of modular housing design, it is possible to flexibly produce apartment building plans for different plots according to different housing distributions. Carefully designed housing bases come in many different sizes and floor variations, which are utilized to ensure that the apartments are exactly the ones where people are good to live in.

The main benefits of modular design are speed, feasibility and functionality of solutions, and accuracy of cost calculations. When a building is made of finished pieces, the result is faster lead time and a uniform end result. With the help of our housing library, we can quickly make a sketch of an entire apartment building. With just a few hours of work, we can predict the price of a project with an accuracy of a few percent. This brings support for decision making and gives a realistic picture of the outcome of the project. Thanks to our housing library and good design work, we can ensure from the very beginning that the house meets the profitability target we have agreed with the customer.

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Reducing the climate impact of residential construction

Fira is seeking to improve the flow of construction. A better flow benefits both the client and the end users, improve the productivity of construction, and saves the environment by enhancing material and energy efficiency and reducing climate impacts.

We calculated the carbon footprint of 12 residential sites

We continued to develop the production system in residential construction, and the results in improving
the flow were promising. During the year, we calculated the footprint of 12 residential sites (three sites
in 2020), which were primarily sites covered by Fira’s apartment library. Our future goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in other construction business lines as well. We use the Ministry of the Environment’s calculation method.

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