Solutions for construction and
change of housing

For us, building and construction can only be based on people.


Fira is a construction service company focusing on high-quality project solutions in growing sectors of the construction industry, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our business operations are divided into four service areas: residential construction, commercial construction, modernisations and pipe renovations.

We develop housing and construction solutions that respect the environment, delight and help the customer exceed their goals.

Our values

Together with our partners, we have succeeded in creating Fira into a growing and successful company.
Our values constitute the foundation of all our operations. A better city can be built only
when surrounded by a culture that trusts and listens to people.


We show care in words and deeds. We take responsibility for what we promise and strive for fairness in our operations.


Trust is our core value, on which Fira’s entire business is based. It is important to us that you can trust Fira in all situations – in partnership, quality and service.


We believe that transparency and openness create a foundation for learning, trust and caring together. We strive to increase collaboration and interaction between the various parties to the projects and the people of Fira to achieve the best results.

Building Movement

The interaction between the customer and the people is at the heart of Fira’s operations. Value is best created when the customer is involved and the interaction works. We want to involve citizens, partners and other companies in the industry in change and develop solutions for the construction and housing of the future with us. We believe that a smarter and more sustainable city will be built together.


Our mission

Our mission is to be a bold innovator in the construction sector.

The world is changing all the time and the construction industry needs to change with it. We want to be a bold pioneer in construction and shake up the old and dusty ways and perceptions of the industry.

Construction can be smarter, more sustainable and more people-oriented.

our vision

We offer superior service experience

Our vision is to provide superior service construction. In our opinion, construction should be transformed into a service focusing on the customer – and the people who actually use the facilities.

We develop housing and construction solutions that consider the environment, delight people and help customers exceed their goals.

Our strategy

The customer and interaction between people are at the core of Fira’s operations. Value is best created when the customer is involved and the interaction works. We are working to involve urban residents, partners and other construction companies in the transformation process and in developing future construction and housing solutions with us. We believe that smarter and more sustainable cities are built together.

Our construction services create more value and ensure peace of mind for our customers. Working with us is worry-free: we ensure a transparent construction experience from start to finish.

We have the shortest project and construction lead times in the industry. We use information in our management, as well as takt production, digital tools, standardisation and modularity

We cannot be satisfied with anything less than carbon neutrality. We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint, and we are also reducing our own environmental load step by step.

The transformation of the construction industry calls for highly competent and enthusiastic people. Employees’ development, well-being and safety are our top priorities. In our culture, everyone is heard, and we make progress together.

Fira’s service-oriented business model is unique, because it ties up hardly any capital.

Firan strategia

By improving the flow of construction, we minimize the carbon footprint and take construction towards carbon neutrality

Sustainability is an essential part of our strategy. By developing solutions to improve the flow of construction, we are creating a more sustainable construction sector and reducing its climate emissions. For us, sustainability also means social and economic responsibility and good governance.

Fira’s sustainability programme was created in late 2021. Its five key themes cover between them the areas of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, governance and economic responsibility. Key targets have been determined for each area, and we measure their implementation.

Ethical conduct is the foundation of Fira’s corporate culture. We encourage you to report grievances and ensure that the notifier is not harmed in any way. We believe that successful companies are based on a transparent culture of reporting whistleblowing.

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Key Figures | 2021

268,5 M€

Net sales, construction

10,2 M€

EBITDA, construction

291,8 M€

Order book


Employees (end of the period)

367,5 %

Net gearing

28,9 %

Equity ratio


Construction sites during the year


Customer satisfaction (NPS), BtoB


Accident frequency (own personnel and subcontractors)

Board of Directors

Matti Schultz (Chairman)
Jussi Aho
Tuuli Kaskinen
Tero Luoma
Antti Savilampi