Sustainability at Fira

Towards better and more sustainable construction

The built environment plays an important role in view of people’s well-being.

Fira’s aim is to allow for a sustainable built environment in which both people and nature feel well even after decades. Fira wants to make construction easier and more sustainable. Doing things right at once saves the environment, increases well-being, and improves the productivity of construction.

Through improving the flow of construction, we minimize the carbon footprint and take construction towards carbon neutrality.

Sustainability highlights 2021


Accident frequency


Employee satisfaction (eNPS


% Recycling rate of construction and demolition waste

Our sustainability programme

Sustainability is an essential part of our strategy. By developing solutions to improve the flow of construction, we are creating a more sustainable construction sector and reducing its climate emissions. For us, sustainability also means social and economic responsibility and good governance.

Fira’s sustainability programme has five key themes, which cover the areas of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, governance and economic responsibility. Key targets have been determined for each area, and we measure their implementation. Our sustainability work is guided by Fira’s strategy and ethical guidelines. The programme is also based on a materiality analysis that we carried out in the autumn of 2020. With a partner specialising in surveys, we conducted a stakeholder survey, which increased our understanding of our stakeholders’ wishes and expectations in terms of sustainability.

Fira’s sustainability programme has five main themes

  • Reducing the climate impacts of construction and buildings
  • Developing material and energy efficiency and the circular economy
  • Well-being at work in a safe and equal workplace
  • A responsible and transparent supply chain
  • Profitable business operations and good governance

Responsible construction is good service

Involving customers and utilizing technology makes construction more transparent.

Green Building Council Finland

The Board of Directors of the Green Building Council Finland has approved Fira as a member in 2020. FIGBC is a co-operation network that aims for a sustainable and carbon-neutral built environment that operates in a circular economy and enables people to live a sustainable and high-quality life.

Extensive co-operation network offers Fira excellent opportunities to continue the development of its own sustainability work, especially in the built environment carbon neutrality and the circular economy.

STOP the shadow economy

Tackling the shadow economy is a very important focus for Fira. We introduced a supplier register in 2020, which directs procurements to reliable, tried and tested partners. We also carried out an exhaustive assessment of the processes through which we tackle the shadow economy. All in all, our operations are at a good level. As development targets, we identified the development of systems supporting our efforts to tackle the shadow economy and the need to develop our personnel.