Construction as a service

Data-driven service construction

New solutions for the traditional industry

We want to understand your needs and offer the right solution to match it. Our projects are implemented and developed together with the customer.

With us, you can make a good and profitable construction project – from start to finish.


We are a service company by nature. We are creating a new kind of demand and improving the flow of construction. Better flow and quality are created by taking advantage of human interaction, modularity, digitalisation and takt production. With better construction flow, we are producing better quality for our customers.

Urakkamuodot vertailussa

Choose the right implementation for the project

We implement the projects in the most suitable form for you and the project. We prefer open and transparent forms of contract in all lines, as well as total liability contracts, especially in residential and commercial construction. You will get the best and most cost-effective end result when you order everything from us.

Then we can guarantee that there will be no surprises in terms of costs and the project will be completed on time – at best, you can work with us on the contract with half the lead time compared to other bidders.

How we operate

Project development

A viable and profitable project

We develop the project together with customers and stakeholders from idea to implementation.

One form of our operating model in project development is an interactive Workshop, where all parties of the project sit at the same table. Thus, the exchange of information and interaction is efficient and of high quality. Our services include project development and design management, profitability development, cost control, and accounting, feasibility development, and production preparation.

Implementation and construction

High quality implementation and satisfied customer

In addition to co-development, better flow and quality are created by leveraging human interaction, modularity, digitalization and takt production. The “gate model” and situational awarenss developed by Fira will improve project management. The gate model ensures compliance with good operating models and risk management. The on-site digital situation room compiles essential information about the project from a variety of software to support management.

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