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Plumbing repair for 183 apartments

In January 2022, Fira’s largest pipe renovation project to date was completed in North Haaga, Helsinki. In the project that started in November 2020, a total of 183 apartments and the common areas of the buildings went through pipe renovation. In addition to this, among other things, the heating mode of all eight buildings was changed.

In plumbing renovations that typically proceed from public spaces to residents’ and partners’ apartments, the key is careful scheduling, which can be adhered to from the beginning thanks to excellent planning. Fira’s standard workers handle numerous pipe renovations every year in a familiar work team, where everyone is equally committed to completing the projects according to the schedule.

The plumbing renovation at Maria Jotunintie 4-12 was made big not only by the number of houses and apartments, but also by other changes that were made at the same time. Atte Stambej (Eerika Consulting Oy), who worked as a construction consultant in the contract, speaks with more than 20 years of experience in renovation projects for housing associations.

“In many ways, the project was more comprehensive than a normal basic pipe repair, which can definitely be attributed to the enlightened board and the property manager. We wanted to repair the housing association well at once, so that we don’t have to do another renovation right away. In connection with the pipe repair, e.g. also renewing the electrical systems of the apartments, extensive yard renovations, electric car charging systems for the entire house, and switching from district heating to geothermal heating, also utilizing heat recovery and solar energy. In addition to these, at the same time as the pipe repair, although in separate contracts, the locking systems of the entire housing association were renewed and the elevators were overhauled. Undoubtedly, the housing company saved costs in the long run when everything was done at once,” states Atte.

Service experience at the center of everything

Whatever the size category of pipe repair, it is not only about renovating buildings, but above all people’s homes, and that is why we want to invest in a high-quality service experience. Residents and shareholders have access to a resident service throughout the renovation, which helps with confusing matters. The service engineer goes through the progress of the renovation with the partner before the renovation in the respective apartment begins, and before the plumbing renovation of each apartment begins, the partners can make apartment-specific choices in order to get the end result that suits their own home.

See in the video what kind of thoughts the people of Fira who worked on Maria Jotunintie had about smooth pipe repair. (The video is in finnish)

The finished project is a joint win

Pipe repair often evokes a wide range of thoughts and feelings in people. There are many moving parts, final decisions have far-reaching consequences and surprises, and change can always come along the way. A successful pipe repair is the sum of the joint efforts of several different parties.

“In my opinion, the most important condition for a successful pipe renovation is good cooperation between the parties (building company, contractor, supervisors, designers, subcontractors). Although certainly in every renovation there will be different views between the parties, maybe even disagreements or disputes, I don’t think there are any conditions to deal with them with honor, unless there is trust and respect between the different parties. The Maria Jotuntintie 4-12 project was big and there were quite a lot of issues where it was not self-evident how to proceed, for example what work is part of the contract and what is additional work. However, all these issues were resolved in a good spirit of togetherness, so that everyone is on good terms with each other even after the contract is over,” Atte Stambej reflects.

Considering that the project was exceptionally large and also extensive in content, the renovation has progressed well and on schedule.

Atte Stambej

The last couple of years have been really unusual worldwide, and changes have not been avoided when it comes to pipe renovations either. Remote meetings and events, new work arrangements and taking care of the health of employees and also customers have required quick adaptation. In Maria Jotunintie’s opinion, Ate did well in all of this:

“Considering that the project was exceptionally large and also extensive in content, the renovation has progressed well and on schedule. Sure, there has been some gnashing of teeth along the way, but nothing that would have jeopardized the progress of the project. The construction site has stretched to quite a lot while staying on schedule with regard to the apartments, although the challenges have been many changes and additions to the plans, additional work and also the corona virus.”

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