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We are not satisfied with the old ways

People are at the heart of our business – as clients, as employees and as the users of the spaces we build. To help very member of the Fira family to reach their full potential, we present them with both challenges and opportunities. You are the best expert on your own work.  Our task is to provide you with the best setting to grow and develop your skills. At Fira, you are free to explore ideas and to try out new things on with your team, while also being allowed to admit if something just does not work. We want Fira to be an inspiring workplace where everyone feels welcome and can reach their professional goals.

Our ambition is to transform the construction business into a service business that takes full advantage of digitalisation. Together we have made Fira an expanding and successful business that is based on our core values: trust, caring and transparency.

Open positions

Together, we have succeeded in creating Fira into a growing and successful company. Join our skilled team.

We take care of the well-being of the Fira

With us, you get much more extensive occupational health services than required by law, and you are also insured with leisure-time accident insurance. You will also receive telephone and lunch benefits, sports and cultural benefits, and, depending on the job description, also a car benefit.

Our main office is located along with good transport connections in Vantaa’s Technopolis, which offers excellent lunch and café services. Fira also has a workspace in Innopoli, Espoo, and all Fira employees are free to use the UMA Coworking facilities. Comfort on Fira’s construction sites is provided on the premises in accordance with Fira’s construction site office concept. We make it easier to reconcile work and leisure with flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely when work permits. Our office offers porridge on Friday mornings, fruit and snacks every weekday and ice cream in summer. Snack supplies for construction sites can be ordered from the Kauppakassi service.

Fira likes to work together. We create and maintain a common culture at various events, such as Christmas parties, summer festivals and the Orientation Days of all Fira employees. Everyone can participate in Fira’s leisure clubs according to their preferences.

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