Cookie policy


In this policy “cookies” refer to cookies or similar technologies, which are included in the EU Privacy Directive.

We use several technologies, including cookies to store and collect data while you’re using our web service. Cookies help us to calculate the total number of people visiting our site and monitor the use of our service and our website. This will help us improve our service. We also use cookies that make our service and the use of our web pages easier for you, for example by remembering usernames, passwords, or (language) selections. We also use tracking and analytics cookies to monitor how our users respond to the service we offer. We may also use cookies to target marketing (such as remarketing) and optimize marketing.

Managing and deleting cookies

Most web browsers allow cookies automatically. You can prevent the use of cookies in your browser or set your browser to alert you when trying to install cookies. Please note that while doing so, some functionality of the service may not work properly. To learn more about cookies and how to delete them, visit

Our services use eg Google Analytics, Hubspott, and other analytics tools to generate reports on the use of our web pages so we can improve our site and our service. To learn more about Google Analytics, please visit To opt-out of data collection by Google Analytics, download an add-on to your browser at