10. January 2022

Fira builds a new extension to Tokmanni’s logistics centre in Mäntsälä

Fira and Tokmanni, a Finnish retail chain, have signed a contract agreement on building an extension.
Tokmanni logistiikkakeskus

Fira and Tokmanni, a Finnish retail chain, have signed a contract agreement on building an extension. The new warehouse will be located in the immediate vicinity of Tokmanni’s current administrative and logistics centre, and it will significantly boost the activities of Tokmanni’s supply chain. Fira has supported Tokmanni’s investment since the project planning phase through comprehensive cost modelling and resulting solution development. The construction project will start this winter through demanding and extensive earth moving work.

-Our goal is to improve Tokmanni’s profitability by upgrading and boosting our logistics and supply chain. In cooperation with Fira, we compared different solutions for building a new warehouse and optimised design solutions for the investment, while addressing the lifecycle impact. Fira has added cost-driven insight to the project,” says Harri Koponen, Vice President of Store Network and Concept at Tokmanni.

Illustration of Tokmanni’s new logistics centre. A solar power plant and thousands of solar panels will be installed on the roof of the new warehouse. Image: A1 Arkkitehdit Oy.

Fira’s expertise in cost modelling and solution development played an important part in optimising the investment’s profitability.

“We modelled and optimised the costs of different options and solutions for Tokmanni so that they can evaluate the profitability of the investment from their business perspective. We are really excited about this project and our partnership with Tokmanni. We have a highly skilled team, whose experience has been used in design solutions. Now we can expand our expertise to the worksite phase using proven standardised solutions,” says Henri Mämmi, Director of Commercial Construction at Fira.

Standardised solutions not only improve efficiency, but they also significantly reduce the carbon footprint of construction. Fira has achieved considerable CO2 savings in similar projects through developed solutions, at best equalling the total lifecycle emissions of several multi-storey buildings.

The new warehouse will be built to meet the “Very good” rating of the BREEAM environmental certificate criteria, and special attention will be paid to the environmental impact during construction and operation. The approximately 55,000 m2 warehouse will be taken into use in phases. The first part will be commissioned in summer 2023, and the entire building is expected to be completed by spring 2024.

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Henri Mämmi

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