11. January 2023

Fira modernises a luxury hotel in Kruununhaka – The Hotel Maria will open its doors in 2023

Construction service company Fira will modernise four valuable historical properties in Kruununhaka, Helsinki, to create a hotel complex. The client of the project is the real estate investment company Samla Capital Oy, and the project will be completed in stages during 2023 and 2024.

Managed by Samla Capital Oy, SC Hotels I Ky will commission the building of a high-quality hotel complex in Kruununhaka, Helsinki, which will consist of four valuable properties completed between 1885 and 1930. Fira will completely modernise the buildings and is also responsible for the construction and finishing of the hotel’s interior. The total area of the buildings located at the intersection of Liisankatu and Mariankatu is 14,200 square meters. The form of the contract is a project management contract with a target and ceiling price.

– “The Hotel Maria’s vision is to offer the best hotel experience in the Nordic countries. Achieving this vision requires excellence in planning, construction and creating a service experience. That is why we have also sought to find the best partners for different sub-areas. We have also faced many challenges during the project, such as a rise in construction costs and interest rates due to the Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. I am happy that we have found the necessary solutions to address the challenges together with Fira, and The Hotel Maria will open its doors on 15 December 2023,” says Samppa Lajunen, founder and Chairman of the Board of Samla Capital.

– “It is great to be involved in such a special project where the target has been set really high. Fira has know-how and special expertise, which is perfectly crystallised in this project. It must also be remembered that no one can complete such a project alone, but cooperation plays an important role,” says Jari Koivu, CEO of Fira..

Modernisation of all the four buildings is underway. The modernisation of culturally, architecturally and historically valuable buildings requires special expertise in many areas of construction and design.

– “The question is of a very demanding and ambitious project in terms of construction engineering. The buildings contain a wide range of structural solutions typical of different periods, so distinct solutions must be employed even on different floors of the same building. The quality of interior finishing also requires special expertise,” says Jouni Juntunen, Fira’s project manager.

An exceptional hotel in many ways

The Hotel Maria will be built as an international luxury hotel. It will stand out from other hotels in Helsinki with its large rooms, the number of suites (40) and the saunas, steam rooms and bathtubs in the bathrooms. Many of the rooms have a height of up to four metres. In addition, the hotel will have Spa & Wellness sections, two restaurants, two bars,  a lavish hall decorated with mirrors, meeting rooms, a shop and a chapel, among others.

Designed by architect Evert E. Lagerspetz, the buildings have housed officers’ residential quarters and a ministry’s office, for example. All four buildings are protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency. Fira has experience in modernising demanding sites, such as the renovation of the former main building of Aalto University’s School of Business in 2020.

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