30. January 2023

Fira and Caverion will carry out the Rykmentinpuisto campus project in Tuusula as a life cycle project

The municipal administration of Tuusula has selected construction service company Fira and building technology company Caverion as the joint contractors for the Rykmentinpuisto campus project.
Rykmentinpuiston kampus

The campus comprises over 12,000 gross square metres and it will be carried out as a life cycle project. Once completed, the campus will provide modern and healthy learning and leisure facilities for children, adolescents, personnel and other citizens.

The Rykmentinpuisto life cycle project includes the property’s design and construction work, as well as the building’s operations and maintenance services for a service period of 20 years. The construction will begin in the early summer of 2023 and the basic education at the campus will start in the autumn semester of 2025. The project includes an option for the municipality to purchase the same design, construction and maintenance work for a day-care centre that will potentially be built on the campus grounds at a later date.

Rykmentinpuiston kampus
The campus will have facilities for over a thousand primary school and lower secondary school students, over 40 preschoolers and over 150 students with special needs. The school will have a total of nearly 200 teaching personnel. Image: P&R Arkkitehdit.

− “Following a long-term approach, the project takes into account issues related to construction quality, safety, energy efficiency and functionality, for example. Usability is ensured throughout the service period in cooperation with the service provider. The site will also allow for multipurpose use by the residents of the municipality”, says Jyri Olkkonen, Head of PMO, Municipality of Tuusula.

– “This is our second lifecycle project, and it is great to be able to implement it in cooperation with Caverion and the municipality of Tuusula. We are particularly pleased with the project, as we were able to make use of our core competence – user-oriented design and the ability to optimise the product in a holistic manner – right from the start. We are very familiar with how different design solutions work in practice, and we have utilised this competence in the project”, says Henri Mämmi, Director, Commercial Construction at Fira.

– “We are very pleased to be able to build and maintain the Tuusula campus. The lifecycle project highlights our experience and good cooperation, and we have developed sustainable and energy-efficient solutions together with Fira and the designers. The active involvement of the customers and users in the negotiation phase also provides a good basis for 20 years of cooperation following the building’s completion”, says Ville Tamminen, Head of Division, Caverion Finland.

Four-star RTS environmental classification and energy class A

The project’s aim is to have the property comply with a four-star RTS environmental classification, and it will utilise renewable energy. A solar power plant will be built on its roof with a capacity of 160 kilowatts peak (kWp). The property will also have a heat pump to produce heat for facilities heated with floor heating and to cool the property in the summer. A carbon footprint calculation has already been completed for the tendering process, and the construction process will favour low-carbon solutions.

The property’s carbon footprint across its life cycle is 37 per cent lower than in a comparable property. The work complies with the Terve Talo and Kuivaketju10 design and construction concepts. The property’s energy efficiency (E rating 61 kWh/gross square metre, A) places it in energy class A. Low-emission construction site practices will also be utilised in the construction operations.

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Jani Orava, Business manager, Caverion Suomi
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