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Lidl logistics centre

Lidl logistiikkakeskus


Lidl Suomi Ky




62434 brm²



Lead Design

Innovarch Oy / Harri Nikulainen

Contract Type

Shared contract

Built according to an international concept

The building complex consists of a one-story high storage part and the related lower 2-story office parts. Part of the warehouse space is semi-warm and the rest is a cooled or frozen space. The warehouse building is divided by expansion joints into five blocks (A, B, C, D and E).

The supporting frames of the office parts consist of reinforced concrete precast columns, prestressed concrete beams, and hollow slabs installed on top of them. The exterior walls are thermally plastered element walls. The steel frame of the warehouse building is a stiffened mast column frame structure. The outer walls of the storage part are sheet-insulation-sheet lightweight elements.

The logistics center, one of the largest in Finland, was completed at the end of 2018

One of Finland’s largest logistics centers was built in Järvenpää at the end of 2018. It is a Lidl center with a size of no less than 60,000 square meters. A project worth one hundred million euros is a really big undertaking. Fira joined the project after the first six months, when the earthworks contractor held the strings.

Fira is responsible for the office building, roofs, exterior walls, floors and partitions in the project. Its own side contracts include earthworks, hall steel structures, building technology, furniture and security systems.

The project is also special because, as is typical for Lidl, the logistics center is built according to an exact international concept.

Since it is an exceptionally large building, each construction phase must be broken down into smaller entities. For example, the wall area is a whopping 70,000 square meters. The wall is assembled from lightweight elements.

The ridge height is 22 meters. All the lengths, heights and masses are so huge that you have to be especially careful in every step of the work. The plot is also 24 hectares in size. A guide board has been brought to the construction site gate for the Rescue Service, showing the construction site routes.

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