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Fira Ketterä is the better way to carry out a plumbing renovation project. The concept is based on people’s housing and living needs in their homes and the entire building. Fira Agile allows you to buy the entire renovation project – from planning to the end of the implementation – as a single project.

We harness technical building systems into serving housing and living needs. We operate in an agile manner that commits all of the parties involved in the planning and implementation to shared goals. We work to offer the best service experience in the field. The Fira Ketterä concept makes it possible to carry out plumbing renovation projects in just couple of weeks.


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Planning and implementation from one place

Fira Ketterä is a pipe renovation concept for apartment building companies, where the entire renovation can be purchased from project planning to implementation as a whole. Fira Ketterä is a plumbing renovation concept for apartment building companies, where the entire renovation can be purchased as a whole from project planning to implementation. When design and implementation go hand in hand, the end result is also the best possible.

Execution of pipe renovation spiced with good service experience

We also implement projects using the traditional contract model. We have worked hard to create a good service experience and our customer satisfaction average is already 4.1 / 5. We carry out high-quality and timely pipe repairs for apartment building companies. Thanks to modern working methods, the completion time of our projects has almost halved.

We offer residents:

  • Best customer service on the market and plenty of influence on home solutions (Average customer satisfaction 4.1 / 5)
  • Efficient site operations and tools enable the shortest housing downtime on the market and a high-quality end result
  • Transparent operating methods and a competent and knowledgeable organization

Why choose Fira for your project?

During project planning

The cornerstone of Fira Ketterä is cutting unnecessary costs (time and money) – time and money are spent only as much as is needed. Planning at the beginning of the project helps in budgeting and mapping technical needs helps in concretizing the budget. The project is designed as a Big Room work where a multidisciplinary team of designers and the board of the housing association meet, each bringing their own expertise and perspective. When as many professionals as possible are involved in the work, surprises during renovations that cause unnecessary costs, for example, can be minimized already at the planning table. A cost-effective renovation is created when the content of the renovation has been formed taking into account the will of the majority of the housing association and the plans are prepared expertly, listening to the factors implementing the work on site. Well designed is already half completed.

Fira Ketterä wants to create the best possible environment for residents to live and work. Agile joint planning events, as well as conducting various surveys and polls, are used to map the needs of the residents in good time, piece by piece. In this case, needs can be demonstrated, for example, with regard to the quality level of the surfaces and furniture in the bathrooms or possible improvements to the common areas. The information and wishes gathered from shareholders and residents are processed in joint meetings with the government, and eventually the content of the housing company’s renovation is shaped. Fira will commission demolition and fitness surveys well in advance of the renovation – saving on costly surprises and keeping costs moderate.

“Fira Verstas” is a service developed by Fira, the purpose of which is to bring all parties involved in pipe repairs together. In the workshop, Fira empoloyees, residents, renovators and the board of the housing association meet. The purpose of the workshop is to put everything on the map of renovation process and to hone the content of the renovation to the best of its ability. With openness and clarity, the participants in the Verstas work will have peace of mind during the renovation.

The workshop asks and answers: what works best in a housing association and how it serves residents. The members of the housing association’s board are involved in the design work in a total of four different workshops, while the shareholders are involved in two.

Few know when to start a plumbing renovation what happens in a plumbing repair, and how will their own home look after it is being renovated. At Fira Kettera, at the beginning of project planning, the parties will have access to another Fira renovation site in progress. By visiting the construction site, the parties will have a clear idea of the progress of the renovation.

In Fira Ketterä, residents, shareholders and members of the board of the housing association will be kept informed of the stages of the renovation. In addition to the information, the workshop, a comprehensive start-up information package and the services of service engineers, two information sessions on Agile Pipeline Repair will be held, which are open forums to discuss and ask the various parties involved in the project about the renovation. At the information session, the various stages of Agile will be reviewed and time will be given for discussion.


Implentation and construction phase

During renovation, communication is straightforward. During the project, we communicate via channels that suits everyone: information is provided via text messages, e-mails, stairway bulletins, letters or on the customer website.

Board members and shareholders are offered a unique opportunity to outline the look and character of a future apartment after renovation. In the agile housing company, a Showroom container will be delivered to the plot, with possible bathroom options and materials molded. In the showroom, you can also take sample pieces of materials with you and test them in your own apartment, for example in different lighting conditions. From the showroom you are guaranteed to get ideas that you can implement in your apartment!

Fira’s construction sites operate efficiently and enable the shortest housing disadvantage in the market. Our plumbing repairs will stay on schedule and we will stick to the agreed start and completion dates together. This is possible thanks to site, scheduling and quality management software as well as carefully honed logistics management. The subscriber is given the opportunity to view our operations through these programs to make our operations as open and transparent as possible.

The bathroom of your dreams opens up to your eyes in an instant with the 3D modeling software used by Fira! If you need a spa department or a large bathroom for a family with children, Fira’s service engineer will draw the picture according to the partner’s instructions. Thanks to the 3D feature, the future bathroom is easy to outline. Modeling is a great support for Showroom containers.

Our resident service is top notch in the industry. We do plumbing repairs for you and not just for your building’s pipes. The resident service makes sure that everyone stays on the map and the service is personal. In the case of plumbing repairs carried out by Fira, you have your own contact person at your disposal – a service engineer who will guide you in all matters related to the renovation. The service engineer will explain the progress of the plumbing repair in an understandable way and will meet with you several times. A service engineer only works at one site at a time. In addition to providing information, the service engineer is responsible for the apartment’s refinement measurements, apartment cards, 3D modeling of bathrooms, alteration work offers, apartment-specific start-up reviews, shareholder information folders and the organization of an information evening.

A well-prepared project and competent staff guarantee a high-quality result. Each item is carefully prepared. Two people will be involved in the preparation phase, who will go through the site plans, prepare material procurement and logistics, familiarize the staff, set up the site, carry out technical start-up inspections in each apartment and deal with any uncertainties before starting the site. At Fira, only experienced professionals who are qualified in a variety of positions will be selected as responsible supervisors. The foreman in charge is only responsible for one site at a time and is present at the site every day. The responsible foreman also has 1-2 assistant foremen at different stages of the contract.

This is how a pipe renovation project proceeds

Starting a project

Often the need for pipe repairs is known a couple of years in advance. This time is worth taking advantage of and boldly envisioning. What is expected of living in your condominium? Could you take the opportunity, for example, to renovate the yard, redesign the common areas, increase community spirit or carry out other renovations at the same time? It is worth discussing the broader vision well in advance so that you can express your wishes in project planning.

It is also worth exploring financing options for pipe repairs. Complementary construction can be one way to finance renovations to a housing association. Fira has a free renovation service for the housing association, where we assess the potential for renovation and search for the project on behalf of the housing association.

Is the project needs assessment in your housing association up to date?

Putkiremonttihankkeen käynnistäminen

Project planning

Project planning defines the objectives, implementation method and scope. It is worth investing in the planning phase, because the solutions made in it will, in practice, lock down subsequent costs. In order to support the decision-making, the necessary surveys are made of the condition and repair needs of the housing company and the wishes of the shareholders, and alternatives for the technical implementation are clarified.

Fira Ketterä should be involved in the project planning of the pipe renovation. This ensures the rationality and feasibility of the planned solutions. Our strength is also communication and the ability to utilize diverse participatory methods that effectively integrate the views and wishes of the housing association’s shareholders into decision-making. It is essential that the renovation is carried out in accordance with the individual needs, situation and shared vision of your housing association.

Putkiremontin hankesuunnittelu

Implementation planning

In the design phase, the details of the renovation will be resolved according to the overall solution defined in the project plan. The end result is the actual implementation plans and drawings on the basis of which the work can begin.

Fira Ketterä utilizes Big Room work in design control, which brings together all the design parties at the same table. Extensive expertise ensures a wide range of solutions and the compatibility of plans in different areas. Reasonable overall design saves costs and often reduces the time required for renovations.

Putkiremontin toteutussuunnittelu

Implementation and renovation phase

Fira Ketterä makes plumbing repairs with respect for the home. We want to give residents the opportunity to develop their own home in a versatile way in connection with pipe renovations. The average customer satisfaction with our repairs is 4.1 / 5.

The site-specific service engineer is responsible for the shareholders’ bathroom plans. For example, each partner gets a 3D image of their future bathroom, making the plans easy to outline. Through active development work, we have even halved the duration of the renovation per apartment.

We can carry out the pipe renovation either as a traditional contract, which includes only the implementation on the basis of ready-made plans, or with the Fira Agile model, where the entire renovation can be purchased from project planning to the end of the implementation as a whole.

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