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ATT Dirika -block

ATT Dirika


Helsingin kaupungin asuntotuotantotoimisto ATT




21 000 brm² / 155 asuntoa



Lead Design

Architects Kirsi Korhonen ja Mika Penttinen Oy

Contract Type

Turnkey project

Dirika -block

A four-building site is being completed in Helsinki’s Kalasatama, with three HITAS buildings and one apartment building for Heka Oy, which has apartments for the severely disabled.

At the bottom of the block, there is a covered parking garage, on top of which a pleasant courtyard area has been built. As a cherry on top of the cake, in the inner courtyard of the block, there are urban villas whose solutions are a real everyday luxury. From the two-story apartments, you can go directly to the parking garage from the back door, and in the front yard, you can find planting trays that match the tone of the house.

Apartments for special needs

Located in Junonkatu, the building belonging to the Dirika quarter has homes for people with special needs. Ten apartments are equipped smarter than usual. Smart keys are used in the house, the club rooms serve as rehabilitation facilities, the nurse call system is integrated into the building, in the kitchen shelves and cabinets move with the push of a button, and the aids found in the sanitary facilities have adjustable features. In addition to these ten apartments, there are 17 rental apartments and spaces for staff at Junonkatu.

The residents of Junonkatu got into their homes 3 months early, at the turn of the year 2018. Heka acts as the end user of the property, and they have been involved in the design of the object from the beginning of the project. ATT and Sote handled the design in the destination.

The cooperation has worked really well in this project

Jussi Isoaho, Heka Etelä Oy’s renovation construction manager, says that the collaboration went great. “Cooperation has worked really well in the project. It has been good when a master has been appointed from the builder’s side to take care of the site. Help and information have always been available when needed”, Isoaho mentions.


1 In planning
2 Under construction
3 Finished


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